The Team


BrightWind is led by leading wind analysts with over 20 years’ experience working in wind resource assessment. Our experience stems from working for international wind development companies and so as consultants we know exactly what our clients need.

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Co-Founder & Director

Shane Martin is a qualified Mechanical Engineer from University College Dublin, Ireland and has 10 years of domestic and international experience in the wind energy industry. Shane Martin is a co-founder of BrightWind. He previously founded, invested and raised external capital for a wind energy development company called Torbellino in Chile which developed 4 wind energy projects totalling 75MW. This business was sold to Patagonia Wings aka Sealand in March 2016.

Prior to Torbellino he worked within the Chilean wind market for Mainstream Renewable Power. During his time with Mainstream he developed a 1000 MW pipeline of wind energy assets over a 2 year period and was a member of the senior management team in Chile.

Before Mainstream, Shane worked with Airtricity (now SSE renewables / for 5 years on a large development and construction wind energy pipeline across several countries. Key areas of expertise lies in capital fundraising and sales, commercial and technical evaluation of wind projects, wind project site identification and evaluation, wind analysis & technical feasibility analysis, wind energy development and project implementation.

stephen holleran

Co-Founder & Director

Stephen started his career in renewable energy joining Airtricity in 2003. He was a senior wind analyst responsible primarily for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland markets. He delivered bankable resource assessments for a portfolio of over 550 MW of wind farms both onshore and offshore. Other responsibilities were early site identification and due diligence for acquisition projects in the Irish, Chinese, Italian, Swedish and US markets.

After the sale of Airtricity, Stephen joined the newly formed Mainstream Renewable Power where he headed up the Energy Analysis Group. He was an integral part of the many teams breaking into new markets around the world. He and his team executed site selections, layout designs, due diligence, measurement installations, wind and solar resource analyses on over 6.5 GW of wind and solar projects across Canada, Chile, South Africa and the US and also 5.5 GW of offshore wind off the Scottish, English and German coasts.

In 2011, Stephen founded Renovare Renewables which has performed wind and solar resource analyses on more than 2,400 MW of projects over four continents. In partnership with Shane Martin, Stephen has now co-founded BrightWind.

Conor Fennell

Lead Platform Engineer

Conor Fennell is a qualified Computer Engineer from University of Limerick, Ireland and has 10 years of architecting scalable systems. Conor started his software career with Alchemy software in 2007. He developed software translation pipelines to reduce cost, increase reliability and speed up software delivery.

In 2009 Conor went back to the University of Limerick doing a master’s in Information and Network Security achieving a perfect QCA score of 4.0.

In 2010 Conor joined Fidelity Investments as a software engineer. He worked on a portfolio platform for managing half a trillion dollars in mutual funds. Here he implemented core features for fund management including rebalancing portfolios, splitting cash and modelling future trades.

In 2014 Conor moved to San Francisco to do a 3 month 7 day a week project-centered web engineering accelerator program called Hack Reactor. After the intensive program he joined Altocloud in Galway. Here he lead as a data engineer architecting a predictive data analytics platform that has to scale to billions of events a day serving customers such as Cisco, Bank of Ireland and Smyths Toys.

In 2016 Conor moved to Dublin and joined Edgeverve’s R&D blockchain lab, an Infosys company, as the tech team lead, focusing on distributed, autonomous and trustless smart contracts. Here he has lead delivery on researching and architecting a trustless smart contracts bond trading system.

Recently he partnered with BrightWind to architect and build out the BrightWind forecasting platform.